Pacific Ridgeline provides environmental consulting to small and large clients in and across various market sectors.

We have the personnel and experience to work with individual, commercial, and government clients across a range of environmental needs. Our personal approach with clients will ensure that you are well informed and comfortable with the progress throughout the entire life-cycle of the project, whatever your requirements may be.


Pacific Ridgeline can assist with the entire spectrum of environmental regulatory needs, including, but not limited to the General Industrial Permit (Industrial SWPPP), SPCCs, APCD permits, CERS assistance, TRI Reporting, and Wastewater management.


Pacific Ridgeline has experience navigating the ever-expanding environmental requirements of agricultural operations, including, but not limited to the General stormwater Waivers, WDR permitting, Groundwater monitoring and sampling, BMPs, Stormwater sampling and analysis, and Monitoring Group management.

Commercial & Residential

Pacific Ridgeline has clients ranging from small to large, and can assist both individuals and companies with Phase I reports, Phase II Environmental Site Assessments, Environmental Transaction Screens, and Vapor Intrusion Studies services, just to name a few.


Pacific Ridgeline’s experience on development projects can reduce your environmental liability by working with you through the entire process, from the NOI for the Construction General Permit, SWPPP generation, BMP installation and inspections, soil sampling and reporting, air quality monitoring, and post construction needs.


Pacific Ridgeline works hand in hand with energy companies to meet environmental regulatory needs, including, but not limited to, APCD permitting and reporting, SPCC Plans, DOGGR Assistance, OSPR Spill Plans, CERS Assistance, Sump closure, and general regulatory advice.

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