Our Services

Water Quality

Pacific Ridgeline deals with all forms of water quality testing and assistance with cleanup of water contamination.

We handle all the different environmental impacts associate with water, which includes groundwater, surface water, stormwater runoff and infiltration, and wastewater. From reporting through testing and cleanup, we can provide state of the art solutions to both assess and cleanup any water issues for your project or facility.


We can help with Industrial, Construction, and Agricultural permits and Waivers, along with various Municipal, State, and Federal Regulations.

Soil & Groundwater

If you have suspected or known groundwater contamination, we can help guide you through both the Leaking Underground Storage Tank (LUST) and Spills, Leaks, Investigations, and Cleanups (SLIC) or programs.

Waste Water

If you have a local sanitary sewer discharge permit or a Waste Discharge Requirements (WDR) permit, we can assist with sampling, reporting, and cleanup of the discharged water.

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